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no motivation to leave the house

'no motivation to leave the house' is an ongoing research project by David Addison stemming from the initial question: which two pieces of music would you like played at your funeral?

Submissions will be compiled and aim to inform a visual art project in 2018. Possible outcomes include a public exhibition, critical text(s), digital archive, printed publication or presentation within an audio format.

Please share with anyone you feel may be interested or benefit in somehow from tackling the question. A varied dataset of ages, locations, gender and cultural identities will help realise a more fully formed response and critical understanding. If you would like to discuss any aspects of the project in further detail then please get in touch at daddison@daddisonish.com

All submissions can be made anonymously, if contact details are provided then any personal data will be stored securely and if presented publically you will be consulted for consent before any distinguising information is released in a public facing format.

A 'song' here is defined as any piece of recorded music or other composition of sound, instrumental or otherwise. Please supply the performer(s) of your chosen version of the piece rather than original writer if different.

I'm 17 and I just wanna hang out with a girlfriend next week but I don't plan on being out too late. Lack of motivation can be a sign of depression Anon. The following post is from Joshua of Becoming Minimalist: Motivation, we all need it. As for motivation, I’m in the same boat. seems like you've lost your way a bit hun could you think back maybe to anything that could have triggered these feelings, i hope you do get the support you need for yourself again hun, maybe speaking to gp? xx. It’s exciting, you never quite know what’s going to happen next and you learn a lot.. I have gotten to the point that I do not want to leave my house. I've got my mum and gran that I can always go and visit or my brothers and his gf but its not really the same as having a girly friend to meet up with and have a chat, I feel patheic that I've got to 28 years old and cant really say I've got a friend to turn to when I feel down. When there are all work and no fun, you will never feel motivated to do it. I dont mind staying in all days with my kids cause I love them to bits but at the same time I dont want to stay in all the time. And, despite my knowledge of how helpful leaving the house is for my mental health issues, I still don’t manage to get outside every single day. Nothing interests me. My parents pay my bills. I'm not sure how long I've felt like this and I really shouldn't I've got 2 gorgeous kids and an amazing OH who would do anything for me, but I've just lost the will to live I think. I haven't improved much since that day. I feel bad today cause my OH has had to take the kids to the park, which I promised to do with them but I just cant move.. No need to leave the house, no equipment to take or video to watch, but I guarantee you will be sore! I do love my dog. But don’t let UC prevent you from hiking the trails you love! If you are a minor or your partner/ parents are very strict, if you give a valid reason why you want to leave the house, they will deny you the chance. I'm in shape and exercise everyday and eat very well, but i know the fact that i don't leave the house and walk or run anymore isn't good. Thank you to you both. There are no set rules or boundaries to fall back on. Jacob loves to stay at home and hang out with me. Being a freelancer is, by nature, isolating. I can leave just fine and not worry, but when I really want to leave of my own free will, I can't. #nature #fitness #hiking #ulcerativecolitis | everydayhealth.com. Motivation to Leave the House! It helps. Bipolar depression has ruined my life. I have trouble leaving the house, even letting the dog outside, especially when on my own. How Respecting My PTSD Has Improved My Life. .here if you need to talk xx, read your other post and you havent had an easy time of it , pnd is an awful thing to go through i suffered terribly after i had my daughter, it must have been a shock finding out your having a baby 15 minutes before you deliver that must have been a scary time for you, you mentioned about not feeling loved when you were younger i really do believe these feelings carry on to our adult life and do have a an impact on us, have you thought about counselling maybe your gp could find a suitable one for you as there are quite a few methods now? Watch Queue Queue That’s when everything starts to feel like work, even the things we love to do. ... Plus, when he or she sees the impact the praise has, it creates motivation to stick with it. And that's it. How to get motivated to do the housework… It might be one of my least favourite tasks, but the housework HAS to be done. It’s an escape from all that stuff that’s been dragging you down lately. :hug: How long for kalms to leave system. There’s just no escape. Here are some helpful suggestions, that women like you, use to get motivation to clean their own homes and get back into a regular cleaning routine.. I have no idea how everyone else does it. That helps quell the anxiety of the experience. However, it has been a very long time since I had an actual commitment (as in someone else counting on me) to leave the house on a regular basis. It works every time for me! When you’re struggling with mental health issues, it’s always good to have a reminder that leaving the house, even for a few minutes, is almost always worth the effort. It's easier for me to find the motivation to go out when I've something interesting to do or when I'm with someone I have fun with. I skip walks and hibernate, and become numb to the world. And when I go on walks and I’m in that open state of mind, it makes it somewhat easier to be more open to feeling my feelings without trying to control them. Dec 3, 2013 - Easiest start. In fact, it usually backfires. They can remind me of my priorities, of how doing things that are good for me will pay off. At this moment, her dog, Bowie, is likely begging for more attention. Will you let us know how you got on at the Docs? But then I remember that I have a dog who needs me to be there for him, to feed him, to make sure he gets to walk outside every day, to be consistent. And the thing is — I can. When the initial enthusiasm has worn off and your motivation starts to dwindle, it can be difficult to stay focused. And she’s probably giving in. But that approach never works. I have no friends at all, well I met a few girls off here and went out with them a few times but have found out recently they are meeting up for days out and drinks round at each others houses and not asking me or they tell me their having a quiet day at home with their family then do something stupid like post on facebook that they are going round to so and so's house for a few drinks or such like and it really gets me down and probably doesn't help the way I'm feeling recently. 23 Reasons You Should Never Leave The House. Leave Your House, Change Your Life How to Defeat "Front Door Syndrome" By Emily White. I decided last night to sit down and show my OH my 2 posts that I have made over the last few months just to give him an idea on how I am feeling and he says he wants to help but he just doesnt know how, which tears him to pieces. It’s just me and my sick brain telling me that the only thing I can do is hide. When kids won’t get out of bed, won’t do their homework or school assignments, or won’t get involved in activities, it’s important for parents to realize that there is motivation in the child. Chris Stobing @chrisstobing June 1, 2015, 6:00am EDT. The best excuse could be the truth but in normal circumstances telling the truth might deny you the opportunity to leave the house. Devon Delfino is an independent journalist and writer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is great that you have talked to your husband and I hope you get the support you need and deserve. I don’t work hard to find a job. But the motivation is to resist.The motivation is to do things their way, not yours. I know this may seem like an impossible task. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you blitz the house! No motivation and dont want to leave the house (long post and rambling sorry) Netmums Parent Supporters review the content on this board, answering your queries on maternal mental health. At the same time, I try to remind myself that getting out is an opportunity to step away from work, to focus on someone else and get out of my head for a bit. Follow her on Twitter: @devondelfino, It’s been 5 years since my cancer diagnosis and I’m still recovering. This video is unavailable. I don't want to leave the house … I have no girlfriend and not many casual friends, for the past few months the only time I've left the house it to play with my band, other then that we don't hang out. I have depression and am taking prozac. Sometimes it takes me weeks to get to the bank, even to pay a cheque in (rare!). Thanks to the Internet, activities like “going outside” or “being a productive member of the community” are becoming increasingly optional parts of daily life. Some days or even some seasons it is difficult to have motivation to clean the house.. There are no set rules or boundaries to fall back on. I can decide if I ask for help or not. Some people find it difficult to wake up at 6am for work. xx, hi anon, it cant be easy for you feeling like this, i know you would love to be at the park too, but sometimes just preparing ourselves for it is hard work,sounds like you may be depressed do you speak to your husband about how you feel, i know its hard to tell people i myself have had this a couple of times and the way your describing was exactly hw i felt and it wasnt till my mother in law noticed something was wrong, i just wanted to be normal but couldnt tell anyone how i felt, do you think maybe the girls that you had met up with didnt mean not to invite you or other things did come up sometimes when we feel like this we can take things to heart:hug: you mentioned your husband saying you had rubbish excuses for not going out, well hun maybe he doesnt understand if you've not told him how you feel?

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